The Best Tactical Flashlight Is The One For You!

If you have ever been in a survival situation, then you know that being prepared can be the difference between life and death.  This is especially important when it comes to flashlights!  I personally have been in the situation where I have run out of batteries in my flashlight while I was out camping.  It can be a scary place.  You never want to feel like you are all alone.  It doesn’t get any better when you are all alone in the dark, hopefully.  After I had this happen to me, I know it was time to invest in one of the best tactical flashlight I could find.

I decided to buy a Fenix Flashlight as I heard they were very reliable and very durable.  As someone who is constantly on the move, I need a flashlight that can take a beating.  Thankfully my new aluminum tactical light is one that can bounce off rocks and still work perfectly! tactical flashlightI enjoy hiking up in Colorado near Boulder, and I have had a few instances where the flashlight has rolled out of my pack, and off a small cliff.  As I trekked down to go pick it up, it barely had a scratch and it looked just as good as when I got it!

All in all, I am definitely glad I purchased this flashlight.  It can be a scary world out in the wilderness at night.  Thankfully l now have a light that will guide me out of the darkness, and show me the way.  I have recommended this light to all my closest friends, and I always get plenty of people asking which type of light it is when I meet them on the trails.  So if you are looking for a new flashlight, and you need something with some serious power, then I suggest a tactical flashlight!

Mineral Teaming Up With Lighting Company

In the past few months the town of Mineral has been teaming up with various other different cities and various companies to help them out and to help us out as well!  Recently we have had some trouble with our town hall’s lighting and interior lights, so we decided we needed to team up to solve this issue!

Lighting fixtureBecause we have had countless blackouts in our offices and around the town, we knew we had to get some help to update our electric grids, and we also needed help updating our fixtures and maybe even add a chandelier into our lobby.  Because we had some issues with this the first time, we decided to instill the help of Allen Roth Hub!

Allen Roth Hub has been around for quite a few years and they have really taken over the interior design and the interior lighting market place!  They have helped countless businesses and individuals find the perfect lights for themselves and improve the overall lighting in their homes and places of businesses.  Because they really have the skills needed, we have decided to instill their help, and get our office in order!

As soon as we called out for their lighting help, we knew we were in the best hands.  We had the owner come fly out and he immediately spotted some issues with our lighting grid.  It was something we never considered, and within an hour we had that problem with our lights completely fixed.  Along with that, we were provided with new pieces to replace our old ones, and they were amazing!  Our old light fixtures were simply outdated and didn’t look very good.  But with the help of this amazing company we were able to update our fixtures, and it looked great!

With our new wall fixtures and our brand new chandelier we looked like we had a completely new office!  It looked like we changed locations completely and we were getting compliments all over the place!  I am so glad we were able to update our lights with this interior design company that really delivers results!

Mineral Working With Greensboro NC Tree Removal!

We here at  have been dealing with tree removal and other tree services ever since our existence.  Because we live in such a wooded area of Virginia, we’ve had plenty of practice with fallen trees and wreckage from any hurricanes and big storms that we receive from the coast.  Because of all this practice we have become very efficient, and we have been asked to train another cities government!

tree removalThe other day at our office we received a phone call from Greensboro, North Carolina asking for help.  Recently the city of Greensboro NC have been getting large amounts of rain and wind, and they have been having quite large amounts of fallen trees and foliage.  Because of this they have asked for our help in teaching them all about our processes and how our tree service is run.  Because Greensboro is home to a few universities like University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Guilford college, they definitely need to have their tree services in tip top shape.  Thankfully we have been able to send some of our men down to North Carolina and begin their training!

When we first arrived in Guilford county where Greensboro is located, we really did notice how heavily wooded the area is in certain locations.  We also noticed quite a few fallen trees and limbs hanging from power lines.  We definitely knew we would be able to help!  We brought down one of our cherry picker trucks and one or our industrial wood chippers to help show them how to properly dispose of tree waste.  All the workers that we encountered were very qualified they just lacked a little instruction.

But they were all hard workers, and after we were done with them they were great at their jobs! Thankfully we were able to travel down to Greensboro North Carolina and help to get their wildlife and tree management section in order!

My Chiropractic Experience!

Hello everyone!

Thank you again for visiting!

As you  guys may or may not know, I have been out and haven’t been updating this website in quite some time!  Although it saddened me quite a bit, I do have a good reason!  Over the past year or so, I have been battling a back injury that has really been taking over my life!  Early in January of this year, I actually fell and had a stone fall on my back.  This crushed some of my spinal discs, and I had to get rushed to the emergency room.  Over the past year I had to spend many days going to my doctor, and he told me to search on Google for Chiropractor Raleigh NC so that I could find someone that actually had good reviews and wasn’t ripping me off.

But after the injury I had a few painful nights in the emergency room, and then I was allowed to finally return home!  I knew it was going to be a long battle with this injury but I’m finally back to normal today!

After my injury, my doctor told me that I needed to attend physical therapy , and I spent many meetings with my chiropractor. This video was similar to what I had to go through with mine.

I was a little skeptical when I first started going, but looking back at it, I have no complaints at all. I am back to my regular day life, and I can thank my chiropractor and my doctors for that!
Now that I am back to full health, I plan on continuing my website. So be prepared! I’m back!

Welcome Back To!

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay!

Here at TOM we are trying our best in helping you learn all about the outdoors and how to safely spend time camping or hiking or whatever you heart desires!  The outdoors can be a scary place!  But have no fear, if you follow our simply rules and tips then you can enjoy it in all of it’s splendor!

Many people are afraid of the outdoors, and to a certain extent you should be, it will help keep you safe.  But if you spend your whole life refusing to go out there, then it isn’t exactly worth it.  But as someone who spent a lot of time growing up backpacking and going camping, there are definitely some things you need to know!